Harbouring connections across the globe

May 25 & 26, 2024

Steer the course of the leisure boating industry by opening your doors on World Boating Day.

Local events on the global stage

Whether shipyard, design studio, sailing school, marina, or any other leisure boating organisation, World Boating Day presents an opportunity to join forces as an industry and with the wider leisure boating community, organising local events that make waves for a global cause.



Showcase your expertise and innovations to the world. Open your doors to the people, reinforcing your company’s mission and activities while fostering a stronger connection with the global yachting community.

the next

Shape the industry’s future by engaging with students and highlighting diverse career paths, igniting passion and interest among the next generation of maritime professionals.

Foster meaningful engagement with media

Break down stereotypes and misconceptions about the industry by providing an inside look at your operations, the people behind them, and the unique experiences offered by leisure boating.

Luke McCaul
Zeal Marinas

Luke came into the spotlight and World Boating Day onboarded its first ambassador. Zeal Marinas was founded by Luke McCaul garnering his previous experience combined with an energy and enthusiasm in pursuit of the growth of marinas and boatyards: the exact definition of the word zeal itself. From this appointment has stemmed incredible support and enthusiasm indeed of participating companies into the movement of World Boating Day, with a list of events continuing to grow daily.

Filippo Ceragioli
Ceragioli-Storåkers Associates

Filippo leads the movement of World Boating Day as our Italian Ambassador. Founding Ceragioli-Storåkers Associates after 19 years as a Marketeer in the yachting industry, he currently operates as a consultant and collaborates with one of the top U.S. organizations combating ocean plastic pollution. In summer 2023, he became the first TEDx speaker to discuss boating and sustainability. He also serves as an adjunct professor for the MSc Luxury Management – Yachting track at the International University of Monaco and teaches Master in Yacht Design at Politecnico di Milano.

Open your doors

As a participant, you will have the freedom to choose the nature of your planned activities for the weekend, whether this involves opening up to the general public and local community or opting for client-focused, press and online events.
Here are some ideas for what your day might entail:

Open House & Tours

Welcome people to experience yachting’s inner-workings by offering guided tours, presentations, and various activities to ignite their curiosity.

Career Day for Students

Invite schools, students and prospective employees to explore the company, its products, and engage with the dedicated team working behind the scenes.

Friends & Family Day

Bring friends and family to your premises for a unique chance to showcase the work being undertaken by employees and foster a long-lasting connection.

Sea Trials

Offer an immersive, interactive experience for people to firsthand witness the performance and appeal of leisure boating.

Press Tours

Give journalists and media companies insight into your company’s activities in order to foster understanding and promote a positive image.

Online Campaign

Opt for a virtual experience that allows visitors to engage with your company through digital presentations, tours and activities.

Organise your event

Access the Participant Area to unlock essential resources, share the details of your event, and kickstart the planning for this exciting day.